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A few episodes back I talked a little about a font called Comic Sans and gave some reasons why it’s a good idea to avoid using it. You may be interested, however, to know how the infamous font got its start as well as the guy who created it. I’ll get into that.

Plus, book jacket design—it can often times make or break a book’s marketability. Today, I’m going to break down the top ten most common book cover design mistakes so you can be sure to avoid them on your next book project.

Recommended stories mentioned in this episode:

The main topics we’ll cover in this episode:

  • The importance a book jacket plays in a book’s marketability
  • Breaking down the top ten most common book cover design mistakes

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Thomas is a Graphic Designer, Web Developer, and founder of Rightly Designed. For over a decade, he’s had the privilege of working with a wide variety of individuals and organizations, spanning from traditional publishing houses to numerous independent professionals.

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