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A little while back, we talked about how Evernote was migrating all their data over to Google’s cloud platform and the stir that was causing. Now, however, they’ve been causing some even greater privacy concerns by a plan that was originally communicated in such a way as to lead users to believe they were going to give employees access to their notes. We’ll give you the details.

Plus, with services like Amazon, we’ve become pretty accustomed to buying things without ever needing to leave the house. Well, what about fast food? McDonald’s is testing out a new delivery service that may soon enable you to have fast food show up at your doorstep.

And on the topic of buying without leaving the house, Amazon was far from the first to make this a possibility. We’ll talk about a company from the late 1800s that revolutionized the shopping experience.

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The main topics we’ll cover in this episode:

  • Brandstory: the creation and history of Sears, Roebuck & Co.

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