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Pricing can be one of the most difficult things to nail down when if comes to offering your own products or services.

Once you do finally come to grips with what to charge, there’s always the potential you’ll need to change those prices in the future. There’s a number of different factors that can come into play here. Anything from increasing hard costs, an increase in value being delivered, or even the need to scale as a business.

The question is, what impact does this have on our brand? In today’s episode, we dive into a couple of companies that raised their prices, the reactions they received from their most outspoken customers, and as always, what we can learn from it.

The topics we’ll cover in this episode:

  • Evernote wants you to pay an extra two dollars
  • Netflix raises it’s pricing an entire dollar
  • Reactions to the price raises
  • Things to consider when building out your pricing structure

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Thomas is a Graphic Designer, Web Developer, and founder of Rightly Designed. For over a decade, he’s had the privilege of working with a wide variety of individuals and organizations, spanning from traditional publishing houses to numerous independent professionals.