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A brand is at the heart of your business or platform. That’s why at Rightly Designed, we’re here to help you craft a brand that helps you sell more products, reach more people, and make a lasting impact.

As such, we’ve put together totally free, in-depth video mini-series to help provide you with essential training on how to craft a powerful brand. It teaches core strategies and tactics employed by some of the biggest brands in the world.


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Creating a timeless, impacting brand begins with a strategy. As such, Rightly Designed works with you to help pinpoint your key market differentiation and crafts custom-tailored brand design assets to help you deliver your products and services in a way that wows. Rightly Designed helps you:

Define Your Brand’s Core Appeal

Begin the brand-building process by identifying your unique differentiating benefit, your ideal customer, your primary competitors, your market placement, and other factors key to becoming an industry leader.

Design Stunning Identity

While design isn’t the brand itself, it can be the difference between a mediocre one and a brand that lasts. That’s why Rightly Designed’s in-depth, research-driven process has been crafted to deliver a final product that works as great as it looks.

Establish Your Brand’s Home

Every brand needs a place to call home and in today’s digital society, that’s a website. Rightly Designed specializes in custom-tailored, handcrafted WordPress websites built from the ground up with the features specific to helping you grow your business.

Utilize the Best Tools & Resources

Knowing how to configure a server shouldn’t be a prerequisite to building a business. As such, Rightly Designed helps employ and incorporate a plethora of helpful tools to help you do things ranging from building your Email list to creating a full-scale online shopping experience.


Rightly Designed Can Help

Hello and welcome!

My name is Thomas and I’m the founder of Rightly Designed. For over a decade, I’ve had the privilege of working with dozens of brands on hundreds of projects. Some of these include Michael Hyatt’s Platform University, Jeff Goins’ Tribe Theme, Grant Baldwin’s Speaker Lab, Ray Edwards, Harvest House Publishers, and many others.

In each case, it’s been my goal to take every design and development project from a brand-building perspective. This enables me to custom-tailor every aspect of each project, not merely to look pretty, but to help you more effectively deliver on your brand’s promise.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or you’ve yet to begin the brand-building process, I look forward to helping you in your journey to creating a brand that makes an impact for many years to come.

All the best,

Thomas McGee
Founder, Rightly Designed

Ray Edwards

“Thomas is quick to respond, clear in his communications, and produces impeccable work. I highly recommend him!”

—Ray Edwards, Host of The Ray Edwards Show


Top Services

Brand Consultation

A great brand in any market starts with one pivotal feature: a plan. Whether just getting started or looking for a revamp, Rightly Designed can help set you on the course to brand-building success.

Brand Identity

A logo, typography, and color scheme can make or break your company’s appeal. That’s why every brand identity project combines stunning design with targeted marketing and branding insights.

WordPress Development

Whether it’s to sell a product, share your message, or entertain your fans; Rightly Designed builds themes and plugins from the ground up that are custom-tailored to fit your goals.

Book Jacket Design

Despite the old saying, just about everyone judges a book by its cover. Fortunately, this couldn’t be better when having your next book covered by the work of Rightly Designed.

“Looking for an incredibly talented designer who is passionate about helping your brand succeed on the web? Thomas is your guy, no question. I only wish the entire web could be Rightly Designed!”

—John Meese, Dean of Platform University


Recent Works

“Thomas was responsive, professional, and came up with terrific designs that really reflected my needs. It’s like he could read my mind!”

—Anne Janzer, Author and Marketing Expert


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