Learn the Top 10 Design Mistakes Nearly Every Small Business Makes

There are a whole host of pitfalls out there when it comes to building a new brand. This quick (and free) guide shares with you some of the most common mistakes so you can be sure they don’t happen to you. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll send it your way, pronto.

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A Free Collection of SVG Blog Graphics

SVGs are beginning to take over the web for the simple reason that they’re lightweight and can scale to an unlimited size. In light of this, I’ve decided to put together a little free collection of SVG blog covers that you can use on your own website. Here’s an overview of the collection (scroll to the […]


Tech Giants Are Developing a New Type of Font

As the web continues its ever-changing nature, technologies are rapidly evolving—whether it’s the rise of SVG’s to help reduce image file sizes or a plethora of other such tools to make everything more lightweight and bearable for the mobile web. The latest installment is in the realm of web typography and is being called “variable fonts.” Via […]


The Age of the Wordless Logo

Via The Atlantic: MasterCard unveiled its new logo earlier this summer, and as far as rebrandings go, the tweaks were subtle: The company kept its overlapping red and yellow balls intact, and moved its name, which was previously front and center, to beneath the balls, while making the text lowercase. With increasing frequency, MasterCard said, […]

Creating a Welcome Page for Your Website

Episode 22: Creating a Welcome Page for Your Website

A little while back, the Rightly Designed website underwent a little bit of a redesign. In today’s episode, we’ll take a little time to talk about what went into this redesign, the brainstorming process, as well as the “welcome” page that was added. On the topic, we’ll explore the concept of a “welcome” page and […]


The Art of Hand Lettering

Hand lettering is an art form unto itself and has been growing in popularity in recent years. An article over at Smashing Magazine highlights a number of prominent hand lettering artists and some of the amazing work they’ve been creating. Definitely worth checking out.


Adblock Plus Now Sells . . . Ads

Yes, you read that right. As of Tuesday, the widely-used ad blocker, Adblock Plus is now selling ads to be distributed through their own network of Adblock Plus users. The idea is that instead of the big, ugly, flashing banners it commonly blocks out—users will have them replaced with “prettier,” less intrusive ads. In essence, […]

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How to Pretend You’re a Great Designer

This article does a pretty good job of accurately depicting the common “form over function” approach that’s common among many designers in today’s day and age. While the article is very much “tongue-in-cheek,” it accurately highlights the dangers of creating something that merely “looks pretty” or follows trends for a trend’s sake.

iPhone Headphone Jack

Yes, Apple’s ‘Headphone Jack-free’ iPhone 7 Is a Design (and Branding) Mistake

Decrying the latest tech company foibles isn’t a practice I typically undertake, however, when Apple debuted their latest iPhone, it became an object lesson I couldn’t ignore. By now, you’ve likely heard about the scandal surrounding the iPhone 7’s headphone jack. If not, it’s simply this: they’re removing it. “Ah, but surely they’re replacing it […]

Online Shopping

Episode 20: Tools for Setting Up an Online Shop

In this episode, we’ll dive into two popular and easy-to-implement ways to start selling products on your WordPress-based website. Whether you’re looking to sell a couple of Ebooks, an online course, or even physical products, we’ll dive into some free and paid options that can help you get up and running. The topics we’ll cover […]