Build Your Online Brand with Ease

Finding the right tools for the job of building an effective online platform can be a bear. Fortunately, The Brand-Builder’s Survival Guide makes it easy by providing you a collection of tried-and-true resources to help you find your way through the internet jungle.

The Brand Builder's Survival Guide

Top Design and Development Services

Book Cover Design

Despite the old saying, just about everyone judges a book by its cover. Fortunately, this couldn’t be better when having your next book covered by the work of Rightly Designed.

Brand Identity

A logo design and related brand identity can make or break your company. That’s why every every brand identity project combines stunning design with targeted marketing insights.

WordPress Themes

Whether it’s to sell a product, share your message, or entertain your fans; Rightly Designed builds themes from the ground up that are custom-tailored to fit your goals.

WordPress Plugins

Take your current WordPress website to new heights with a custom-developed plugin. Add features and functionality to your site that would otherwise require a complete site redesign.


On Call Design and Development

Need a quick design made? Looking for someone to help you keep your WordPress site backed up and maintained? With Rightly Designed’s On Call Design and Development, your personal designer and developer is only an Email away.

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